When to Be Concerned About Your Air Conditioner


Replace or Repair Your Air Conditioner?

You do not have to be an HVAC expert just to know how to spot the signs that your AC unit needs to be repaired or replaced. If you are a homeowner, it’s in your best interests to know just what signs to look for.

Here at One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning of Springfield, we understand how frustrating it can be to suffer a system breakdown right in the middle of the summer heat. Below are some red flags that tell you that you need to be schedule a maintenance appointment immediately.

A Foul Odor

Your AC should never emit a foul odor, and if you smell any type of burning or musk, it’s time to schedule air conditioner maintenance immediately. A foul odor could be the sign of a minor problem with the ductwork or a major burnout problem.

Strange Noises or Loud Operation

Your air conditioner should never sound like a cat in heat. If you hear squealing, grinding, or strange noises whenever you run your AC, turn it off immediately. The noises could be the sign of internal problems and system failure. While not all strange noises mean that you must replace the AC, you undoubtedly will need to have the system diagnosed for professional air conditioner repair.

The Unit Does Not Blow Cool Air

Your unit’s primary job is to blow cool air, and if your unit is not doing its job, it’s a sign of problems. If cold air is not blowing out of your HVAC vents, the Freon levels could be too low or the internal compressor is not functioning properly.

Air Does Not Flow Properly

Weak air flow is definitely a sign of the need for AC repair. The air flow problem could be the sign that your compressor is failing, or that your ductwork has so much debris in it that it’s obstructing air flow.

Get Help with AC Problems

If you have noticed any of these signs, it’s time to call us to diagnose and fix the problem. At One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning of Springfield, we believe in giving our clients accurate quotes and quality installation. Call a Springfield air conditioner company you can trust at 417-886-3456, and schedule your air conditioner installation or repair appointment.