The Science Behind Refrigerants


How do refrigerants work?

Unless it’s a new model, vehicles are useless without gas. Your air conditioner unit happens to be in the same boat. Because the air conditioner’s gas—also known as refrigerant, Freon, or coolant—is so important to a well functioning unit, we highly recommend it as an integral part of your air conditioner maintenance. In fact, proper knowledge about the refrigerant will eliminate costly air conditioner repairs and save you money.

If you can imagine getting into a vehicle and attempting to start the engine only to discover that the tank is empty, you get the idea. The unit’s gas is responsible not just for cooling the room, but for producing the cool air.

Here’s how it works:

  1. The compressor, combined with a little oil for its lubricant, increases the pressure of the cold refrigerant.
  2. When the pressure rises, the gas becomes very hot.
  3. As the hot gas navigates through a set of coils, the heat is lowered and liquefied.
  4. As the coolant travels through the expansion valve, it cools down and evaporates.
  5. This journey lowers the pressure of the refrigerant.
  6. The low pressure produces cold freon, which traverses through more coils.
  7. As the refrigerant absorbs the heat, the temperature inside the room is lowered.
  8. The cooled air is filtered and then circulated throughout the room.

To neglect your unit’s refrigerant is like begging for an air conditioner repair that could have been avoided. However, refilling refrigerant a complicated (and somewhat dangerous) process that should only ever be performed by your Springfield air conditioner company. Our technicians are trained, certified and qualified experts.

The sole purpose of an air conditioner unit is to produce the desired atmosphere in a room, which equates to comfort. Therefore, examining the refrigerant levels of that unit plays a significant role during your regular air conditioner maintenance.

When you make One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning of Springfield your Springfield air conditioner company, we will ensure that the coolant is always adequate for your unit. To understand more about how we can help you, call us at 417-886-3456.