The Importance of Indoor Air Quality


Is Air Quality in my Home Important?

Although a well-insulated home makes air conditioning systems work more efficiently, saving you money on monthly energy bills, indoor air quality can become a real issue in the hot days of summer. The air inside your Springfield home can be many more times polluted than the air outside. For those who suffer from asthma, allergies or respiratory ailments, One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning offers air conditioning service in Springfield that can improve the quality of your indoor air.

To avoid the harmful effects of indoor air pollution, AC systems need to maintain a finely tuned balance, efficiently delivering clean, filtered air while keeping humidity levels low. Clammy air not only promotes the growth of allergens like mold, mildew and bacteria but also causes dust to attract and hold air-borne allergens in your Springfield home. With a regular maintenance program with One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning, you’ll enjoy cleaner and more comfortable indoor air.

Regularly changing your air filters is a cost-effective way to reduce indoor air pollution. In the heat of summer, filters may need to be changed every month. Dirty filters are not only ineffective at filtering out dust, pollen and other allergens but can become so clogged that they cause damage to your air conditioning equipment.

The type of AC filter that you use matters as well. Some filters are adept at both filtering air and reducing humidity levels in your Springfield home. Using the wrong filter in a central AC system, however, can damage the system. An expert HVAC technician from One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning can recommend and install the best filter for your home.

It’s hard to overemphasize the importance of regular air conditioning service in Springfield when it comes to reducing indoor air pollution. A single service visit can remove a year’s worth of allergen buildup in your air conditioning system. For those who suffer from allergies, routine maintenance is essential. To schedule a maintenance visit for your Springfield home or business or to learn more tips on how to improve your home’s indoor air quality, call One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning today at 417-886-3456.