Programming Your Thermostat for Summer Heat Savings


How to Save Monday on Your Summer Utility Bill

The arrival of summer marks that time of year when air conditioning systems all over Springfield switch into high gear as city residents seek relief from oppressive heat. It’s also the season when cooling costs can skyrocket to new heights. At One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning of Springfield, we understand that no one likes to sacrifice comfort for savings. That’s why we’re pleased to offer money-saving products that help you stay cool while lowering your monthly energy bills.

Programmed for Your Comfort

Programmable thermostats give you the power to control the temperature of your home whether you’re at home or away. These savvy devices put comfort and efficiency at your fingertips, allowing you to preset temperatures for different times of the day. You can schedule the thermostat for energy-saving temperatures while you’re away or asleep and still enjoy the optimal level of comfort when you’re relaxing at home.

Recommended Summer Settings

  • The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) cites 78 degrees Fahrenheit as the ideal setting for your thermostat for summer daytime savings.
  • However, consumer advocates concede that 75 degrees is likely to be a more comfortable setting.
  • You can set the thermostat to raise the setting to 80 degrees during sleeping hours.
  • According to the EPA, for every degree that you raise the temperature setting over an eight-hour period, you’ll reduce your cooling costs by one percent.

Super Summer Savings

For optimal savings, set the thermostat to raise the setting significantly higher when you’re away from home. It’s a common misconception that an air conditioner has to work harder to cool a warm home. Your system will expend less energy cooling your home to a comfortable temperature than it would if left operating throughout the day. Many programmable thermostats come with an “optimal start” feature that ensures that your home is comfortably cool by the time you walk in the door.

One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning of Springfield is a full-service Springfield air conditioning company dedicated to enhancing your comfort at home while reducing your energy expenses. To learn more helpful money-saving tips or to schedule air conditioner maintenance for your system, call us today at 417-886-3456.