Indoor Air Quality in Springfield, MO

The quality of your indoor air is important to your health and to the health of those living in your household.  We offer indoor air quality inspections and air duct cleaning services because we aim to keep our customers comfortable and breathing easy.

Why Do I Need To Have Clean Air Ducts?

We spend so much time indoors breathing recycled air, yet it is quite rare that we consider the ill effects of doing so. According to, 70% of people don’t consider the quality of indoor air to be an issue at all, and only 9% do consider it to be a health issue. However, airborne contaminants can be a very serious health hazard. If you feel sick in your home and don’t know what is causing it, you should consider the quality of the air in your home.

Mature man taking out a dirty air filter from a home ceiling air return vent. Male removing a dirty air filter with both hands in a house from a HVAC ceiling air vent.Duct Cleaning Helps You Breathe Easier

When one of our service technicians comes out to your home, you will be on your way to breathing air that is cleaner. Since your air ducts are a primary source of pet dander, dust, dirt, and various other contaminants, it is important to have them cleaned on a regular basis. All of those particles will pollute your air, triggering any number of allergies and aggravating pre-existing respiratory illnesses, especially in the elderly or very young. With our complete cleaning service, your home will be healthy, comfortable, and clean all year long.

Let Us Give You Peace of Mind

One Hour Springfield can give you peace of mind in knowing you and your family are breathing healthy, clean air. Call 417-886-3456 now and speak to our team of indoor air quality specialists.