How Your HVAC Unit Impacts Property Value



Increase Your Property Value with the help of HVAC

springfields on-time serviceHomeowners expecting to list their property often focus on updating appliances and fixtures, grooming the lawn and making the curb appeal as inviting and welcoming as possible. One area that many homeowners fail to address is their home’s heating and air conditioning systems (HVAC).

It might surprise homeowners to learn how much the HVAC system impacts market value. Below are a few HVAC facts for homeowners that highlight the reasons heating and air conditioning units impact property value for buyers.

Updating for an Addition

If a new bathroom, sunroom or other addition is added to a home, homeowners must remember to have a home inspection team evaluate the current HVAC unit to make sure that it can service the extra square footage. It takes 25 BTU to cool or heat each square foot of floor space. If the current unit is on the border of maximum output, even a tiny addition needs a larger unit to provide minimal coverage.

Fixing Drafts and Cold Corners

Without proper venting and ductwork, homeowners often have drafty corners, cold rooms and high energy bills. If any of these conditions exist, an experienced, certified technician can evaluate the size and placement of vents and ducts. An inspection may reveal damage or leaking seams in the ductwork. A simple repair job to restore all seams to excellent condition could save hundreds of dollars per year in lost energy.

Insurance and the HVAC

The age of the unit impacts the price of insurance coverage. Many insurance companies charge a higher annual premium if the heating unit is beyond a certain age; the age varies by insurance company. Older units do not have as many energy-saving features so, operating an older unit means higher energy bills, which buyers don’t want.

Another note about insurance and HVAC systems. Many people don’t know that harsh weather, like hail storms, can damage the exterior condensing units. Some minor damage, like fan blades, can be repaired. Major damage often requires a replacement unit.

The Outcome

Maintaining a heating and air conditioning system is essential for homeowners that want to keep their property value stable or increase the selling price. A home that is furnished with a well-maintained unit, complete with a warranty, will bring a higher price than a home with an outdated, poorly sized model.

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