How to Save Money During Summer


How to Save Money on your Utility Bill

When summertime comes, so also do high utility bills. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. Summer energy savings is possible by changing routines, performing regular air conditioner maintenance and other home improvements. Saving energy this summer does not have to mean sweating in a hot house if you follow these tips from our experts at One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning of Springfield.

Use Fans

One way to combat the summertime heat is to use fans. Ceiling fans are an ideal way to help feel cooler without using much energy. The fan dispels the warm air that surrounds the body, helping a person to feel cooler. A ceiling fan uses only about 100 watts of power per hour compared to 30,000 watts per hour for an average sized residential air conditioning system. Using fans while you’re in a room could let you set the thermostat several degrees higher, resulting in a significant savings on utility bills.

Change Daily Habits

Making some changes to your daily habits and activities will help you beat the heat and save money:

  • Instead of cooking in the oven, use a slow cooker, griddle or microwave. Or, go out and grill on the barbeque.

  • Line dry clothing instead of using the clothes dryer.

  • Stay cool with plenty of ice water or sweet tea or foods like watermelon.

Set the Thermostat

If there are extended periods of time when no one is home, use the scheduling features of a programmable thermostat to cut down on the amount of energy the cooling system uses. Set the thermostat to be six to eight degrees higher when no one is home.

Maintain the AC

Schedule a tune-up for the air conditioner with our Springfield air conditioner company. Change its filter once every three months.

You can stay comfortable this summer without going broke. At One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning of Springfield, we offer cost effective and energy efficient home comfort solutions. For more information, give us a call today at 417-886-3456.