How Freon Helps Cool Your Home


How Does Freon Work?

Although Freon is actually a registered trademark of the DuPont company, the name is commonly used to describe the refrigerants used in Springfield air conditioning systems. Refrigerant is the component most responsible for keeping your Springfield home or business comfortably cool. Because an understanding of the refrigerant cycle can be helpful when troubleshooting problems, One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning of Springfield is pleased to share information about how Freon helps cool your home.

The Refrigerant Cycle

Refrigerant enters your AC’s compressor as a cool gas. The compressor squeezes the gas. As the molecules are pressed closer together, the temperature of the refrigerant rises. As heated gas passes through coils embedded into metal fins in the unit’s condenser, a fan blows outdoor air over the coils, cooling the refrigerant into a highly pressured liquid.

The cooled liquid is then fed through a small hole into the evaporator. The pressure drops and the liquid begins to evaporate into a gas. As it evaporates, the gas pulls heat from the surrounding air, producing the cool air that is then distributed throughout your home or business. After the refrigerant evaporates into a gas, it returns to the compressor to begin the cycle again.

A Closed System

When an air conditioning unit is properly sized and installed, it’s charged with the precise amount of refrigerant that it will need for its entire service life. When problems occur in the system, however, leaks can develop. A reputable HVAC technician knows that simply adding Freon won’t address the underlying causes of the leak. It’s just as important to make the correct air conditioner repair as it is to recharge the system with the proper level of refrigerant.

At One Hour, our professional service technicians not only take the time to make the correct repairs when adding Freon but ensure that the unit is charged safely as well, protecting you from exposure to potentially harmful chemicals. For more information about refrigerants or to schedule a service appointment, call One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning of Springfield today at 417-886-3456.