Tips for Keeping Kids Busy When It’s Too Hot Outside

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The summertime temperatures in Springfield, MO can be brutal when you consider heat indexes of over 100 degrees. If you’re looking for something to do with the kids during summer vacation, here are some great ideas. Indoor Fun Staying inside with the air conditioning keeps everyone comfortable. If you can’t go anywhere, you may need to get creative to keep … Read More

Beat the Summer Heat With These Cool Ideas

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More sunshine and outdoor activities make summer welcoming, but with those perks come unpleasantly high temperatures and humidity levels in Missouri. You don’t have to suffer the whole season, though. There are ways for you to beat the heat in addition to running your air conditioning, so you can still enjoy your summer festivities. 5 Cool Ways To Beat the … Read More

Alleviate Allergies By Improving Your Indoor Air Quality

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Mature man taking out a dirty air filter from a home ceiling air return vent. Male removing a dirty air filter with both hands in a house from a HVAC ceiling air vent.

Allergies are a hassle to deal with any time of year, but especially when mold, pollen, and dust are high. You may think that staying indoors is the best thing to do under the circumstances, but the truth is that your home may also be a source of the very allergens you are trying to avoid. Just as important as … Read More

Get Set for Summer Heat With an AC Checkup

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The last thing you want to cope with on the hottest days of July is an AC repair. Make sure your air conditioning system is in optimal working condition before summer rolls around with a maintenance checkup from One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning. Our skilled technicians provide affordable, professional service with an on-time guarantee. Components of AC Maintenance Even … Read More

3 Issues Caused by a Dirty Condenser Coil


  Get more efficiency and longer life span of your air conditioner You may be wondering just exactly what condenser coil is. A condenser coil is located outside your home within the condensing unit. Condenser coils are a vital part in the reliability and overall operation of your air conditioning unit. The condenser itself is responsible for converting gas into … Read More

What You Should Know About the New HVAC Federal Regulations


HVAC Federal Regulations 2015 will be seeing some big changes in the HVAC manufacturing and contracting world. The Department of Energy (DOE) and the American Public Gas Association (APGA) recently reached an agreement on the application of new Federal Regional Efficiency Standards, which will go into effect January 1, 2015. The regulations will apply to air conditioners and heat pumps, … Read More

Do AC Cleaning & Tune-Up Services Improve Performance and Save Money


  Ways to Save Money – Get your Air Conditioner Cleaned and Tuned Up When an air conditioner breaks, your first thought may be to simply get another one to replace it (especially in the summer). However, there are several distinct advantages to getting your air conditioner cleaned and tuned up instead of running out to get a new one—not … Read More

Maintenance For Your Gas Heating System


  Care for your gas heating system Keeping your gas heating system running smoothly, safely and efficiently is an important part of home ownership. Proper furnace maintenance supports optimal functioning and helps prevent hassles and breakdowns down the road. Maintaining your gas heating system can be done in just 5 basic but important steps: 1. Visual Inspection Start by turning … Read More

What’s the Best Thermostat for Me?


Do you have the right thermostat for your heater and air conditioner? In today’s economy, homeowners are paying attention to home expenses more than ever. Energy-saving products such as a programmable thermostat can help lower your heating and cooling costs and manage your home’s energy usage. According to the Department of Energy, you can reduce your energy bills up to … Read More

Why Choose One Hour Springfield for Your Home


Only The Best for Your Home in Springfield MO A home is sometimes referred to as a person’s castle. This analogy is indicative of how much value is placed on a dwelling. It’s a place where occupants don’t just desire but expect to have peace and comfort. With this understanding comes the action of ensuring that all methods of conveniences … Read More

How Air Handlers Work to Save You Money


Air Handlers Save Springfield Homeowners Money The right air handler will improve the energy efficiency of your system and make your home more comfortable. Working with your home heat pump or central air unit, the air handler is what moves air throughout your home to create and maintain a consistent temperature. Below, discover how the right air handler from One … Read More

What Does a Heat Pump Do?


What is a heat pump? If you’re considering a replacement for a Springfield heating system that’s in need of heating repair, a heat pump is a cost-saving option. A heat pump installed by One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning of Springfield can be up to 50% more energy efficient than a top-rated gas furnace. With the average home in Springfield … Read More

What Does an Air Handler Do?


What is an air handler? An air handler (AH) is a critical component of a Springfield home’s heating or cooling system. In a central air conditioning system, the AH is typically housed indoors in the system’s central unit, a metal box that contains an air filter, a blower, dampers and other components that help the air conditioning system distribute and … Read More