Furnace Repair and Installation

Furnace Repair Experts

Our furnace repair team provides expert help when it comes to repairing your furnace.  We will help you weigh your options and make the best possible choice for your home.

The Most Common Furnace Repairs:

  • Furnace wiring repairs
  • Furnace belt adjustment or replacement
  • Continuous hot air blowing from the furnace (needs to stop)
  • Broken pulleys, motors, or belts (requires furnace part replacement)
  • Emergency services such as furnace gas leaks (call the fire department immediately)

Heater RepairFurnace Installation

Updating for an Addition

If a new bathroom, sunroom or other addition is added to a home, homeowners must remember to have a home inspection to evaluate the current HVAC unit to make sure that it can service the extra square footage. It takes 25 BTU to cool or heat each square foot of floor space. If the current unit is on the border of maximum output, even a tiny addition needs a larger unit to provide minimal coverage.

Fixing Drafts and Cold Corners

Without proper venting and ductwork, homeowners often have drafty corners, cold rooms and high energy bills. If any of these conditions exist, an experienced, certified technician can evaluate the size and placement of vents and ducts. An inspection may reveal damage or leaking seams in the ductwork.

Unit Damage

Harsh weather, like hail storms, can damage the exterior condensing units. Some minor damage, like fan blades, can be repaired. Major damage often requires a replacement unit.

Furnace MaintenanceHeating Inspection

Not looking for a full furnace installation? Annual furnace maintenance can often prevent the need for repairs, and can reduce your heating bills dramatically.  Saving money and keeping your comfortable is always our aim. We offer heating system maintenance services so that you have heating system that you can rely on to run smoothly when you need it most. We can take care of:

  • Precision Tune up
  • Profesional Cleaning
  • Rejuvenation of Your Furnace
  • Safety Check (Fall or Winter)

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