Have You Had Your Furnace Inspected Lately?



Furnace Inspection and Furnace Repair

Technician checking compressor ampsPrevention is perhaps the most important part of home maintenance. Stopping problems before they start is always best way to avoid costly repairs. To keep your furnace functioning, you can do just that by having a qualified HVAC technician inspect your furnace every year.

Annual furnace inspection and maintenance will make sure your furnace is running smoothly year round. Your furnace contains many complicated parts that should only be handled only by a professional to prevent serious damage. Qualified HVAC technicians know all aspects of furnace inspection and repair. Yearly inspection of your furnace allows the technician to spot problems that may be small right now, but could become serious if not taken care of correctly.

A furnace that is not running properly can lead to serious health problems. Every gas furnace produces carbon monoxide which is usually carried away by the furnace’s venting system. A dirty, inefficiently burning furnace can produce harmful amounts of carbon monoxide. Having your furnace cleaned every year will prevent carbon monoxide from leaking into your home through cracks that you may be unaware of.

When furnaces are not maintained properly, they will not run efficiently. They will have to work harder to produce heat which will increase your monthly energy bills. One thing that is important for homeowners to do is regularly change the filter. Changing the filter every few months will keep your furnace running smoothly.

Many furnace manufacturers offer a warranty period with the purchase of a new furnace. Your warranty may be voided if damage is caused to the furnace due to improper maintenance. Again, it is important to call a qualified HVAC technician for your furnace inspection to make sure it is done correctly and that all aspects are covered to prevent damage.

Before cold weather strikes, you should contact your local, trusted HVAC Company to schedule your furnace inspection. Most furnaces can last up to 20 years, but without proper inspection and maintenance, their lifespan will be much shorter. While there are many benefits to yearly furnace inspection, there are two things that are particularly important – Keeping your family safe and saving you money.