For Those in Need, a New Heater and Heater Maintenance is a Blessing


Heater donation

Getting heater maintenance done can be a pain. Going without heat and paying ridiculous amounts for a company’s services is often what people endure when they need to get their heater fixed. At One Hour Springfield, we promise that our services are competitively priced and convenient. When you call us for maintenance, keep in mind that while your broken heater may be driving you crazy, other people are going without a source of heating this winter.

Heating Company Donates Heaters

Like Springfield, temperatures in Wisconsin can be brutal during the winter. Several heating companies in Wausau, Wisconsin are teaming up to provide those in need with a new furnace. The program that does this is called Heat Up Wisconsin and works to donate furnaces to those in need all over the state. Families that receive a heater from this program don’t just get the heater, but have it completely installed and working in their home through this program.

So far, 213 heaters have been given and installed to those in need all over the state of Wisconsin. This program is in its third year of operation and has seen significant growth since its beginning.

Keep Your Heater Running Like New

If you need heater maintenance in Springfield, don’t put it off. Taking good care of your furnace and getting it maintained regularly by us at One Hour Springfield will ensure that you never go without heat during the fall or winter. To schedule heater repair or maintenance, call us at 1 (417) 886-3456.

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