Are You Abusing Your Air Conditioner?


Avoid costly air conditioning repairs

A properly installed air conditioner is engineered to keep everyone in your household cool and comfortable for many years to come. Improper care, however, will not only cut years off of the unit’s service life but impair performance and drive up your energy bills too. Check out these savvy tips from the professionals at One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning of Springfield to ensure that your air conditioner isn’t suffering from abuse.

Don’t Wait for a Break Down to Call for Service

Just as your car runs better with regular tune-ups, your cooling system benefits from scheduled air conditioner maintenance as well. In fact, enrolling in a preventative maintenance program is the most cost-effective way to optimize your system and extend its service life. Our expert technicians will inspect every system component, from the electrical connections to the ductwork, to make sure that your AC is running at peak efficiency.

Ensure Your AC Works Well When You Most Need It

There’s a reason that air conditioners are most subject to failures when you need their cooling comfort the most. Even a small malfunction in the system can cause the equipment to break down under the strain of frequent operation during a heat wave. Have your cooling system checked to determine in an air conditioner repair is needed before the arrival of hot weather, and you can save yourself the expense of an emergency air conditioner repair later.

Know When to Replace Your System

Today’s high efficiency air conditioners offer better comfort and performance than those manufactured just a decade ago. If your system is more than ten years old or is in need of a major repair, it makes sense to consider a new air conditioner installation. Modern air conditioners come equipped with features that enhance your comfort too, such as variable-speed blower motors that automatically adjust fan speeds according to your cooling needs.

Trust the care of your cooling system to a Springfield air conditioner company with a proven record of quality services, repairs and installations. Call One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning of Springfield today at 417-886-3456 for service that you can count on to save you money while enjoying the highest level of comfort at home.